17. C.A.R.M.E.N. Symposium

Evening reception with award ceremony – 17th C.A.R.M.E.N. Symposium in Straubing, Germany
Technology Advancement Prize - Sustainable Feedstock 2008
The prize for Advancement of Sustainable Feedstock awarded by the Bavarian State Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Forestry is given to persons or organizations that have developed an outstanding product based on homegrown, sustainable feedstocks. The prize for 2008 was awarded to the firm Lopper Kesselbau GmbH in Rohr/Alzhausen, Germany, represented by its chief executive officer Diether Schlottmann.

altThe award was bestowed on the Lopper firm for development of the "Timber" wood-gasification boiler. The boiler incorporates an automatic feeding system and represents world-class innovation. Poisonous carbon monoxide emissions are avoided, and nitrogen oxide and unburned hydrocarbon emissions are reduced, through careful design of the combustion chamber and heat exchanger as well as the use of staged gasification and secondary combustion. The same principles enable the boiler to achieve highest efficiency. The automatic wood-feeding system is attached to the side of the boiler. Half-meter length pieces of firewood can be loaded through the front door of the storage cabinet. The firewood pieces are then transferred by a chain apparatus through an air-lock transfer damper and then into the boiler. Once inside the boiler, the firewood can then be automatically ignited. The automatic feeding system provides the user with up to two weeks of boiler operation without further attention. The need to stay home and "keep the home fire burning" during the winter has been replaced by the opportunity for more comfort and convenience.