About Us

altLopper Kesselbau GmbH was founded in 1989. The goal of the company was, and still is, to develop special technologies for wood combustion and to bring future-oriented wood-gasification boilers to the marketplace. From these beginnings, new Lopper technologies quickly became market leaders.

Our boilermakers come from families that have lived in lower Bavaria for generations. Thoughtful, persevering, and not suited for stressful piecework, they stack their daily work as neatly as the firewood behind the house. To be a boilermaker means to be a builder, handworker, mathematician and artist all at the same time. Being a boilermaker also means having a close relationship with the customer, because only satisfied customers will spread positive word further about us.

For the long term, fossil fuels and nuclear energy must be replaced by renewable energy in order to preserve life for coming generations. Modern wood-fired systems can keep up with oil and gas-fired boilers.

Wood is a renewable fuel, CO2 neutral and grows back within a short time. This provides for climate protection. The forest today still has unused energy potential, and also provides jobs and creates value.

This was the principle for the design and formation of the firm Lopper Kesselbau, which operates within the realm of wood combustion. The company was initially formed in 1985 when we arranged for an Austrian boiler manufacturer to become our marketing representative for the Swiss market.

The experiences and results and changes in the market led Lopper Kesselbau to develop its own concepts and ideas for product development. We wanted to translate these ideas into products in a small production facility, which we found in Bavaria.

Such metalworking facility had produced boilers for Lopper Kesselbau for a number of years, and we were able to take over the operation through acquisition after 3 years. Lopper is today an operation with about 50 employees, with operations in German-speaking Europe, but also with customers in countries such as Italy, France, Holland and Norway.

Our boilers are custom-built for individual customers. Our standard principle is individuality. Our customer tells us what he would like to have.

Parts for the boiler are cut, bent and welded within our own facility, with the combustion chamber fully furnished, the jacket assembled, even the electronics are built in house. All of this is the reason why we keep and guarantee very high standards of quality.

Lopper Kesselbau provides today an assortment of logwood boilers, chip-fired boilers, and pellet-fired boilers with capacities in the range of 15 to 1000 kW. Our sales offering also includes accessories such as thermal storage tanks, mixing valves, return water temperature control valves, and auger systems for chips and pellets.

Our customer base includes any and all people with an interest in wood and the forest. This can include farmers, loggers, and also business operations such as furniture making, carpentry, roofing and building construction, who want to solve their energy problems.

The future of renewable energy lays significantly in agriculture. The trend of agriculture to energy-production is unmistakable. Lopper Kesselbau recognizes this and is undertaking product development efforts with alternate biomass fuels. So as new biomass fuels become available, Lopper Kesselbau is ready.